Pricing Formula For Office & House Cleaning Service Businesses

Are you searching to find a straightforward pricing formula for authorized cleaning agencies? Well, you have come to the right site! We can understand finding an authentic price for any cleaning task can be tricky, challenging, tedious as well as time-consuming.

This simple and straightforward pricing formula for newly established professional cleaning agencies will assist you to make an hourly basis rate to bid on all office and house cleaning tasks. This does not matter the location you give the cleaning, the products you use, nor the strategy or system in which you clean. This formula will help you step by step to make your exceptional hourly cleaning rate.

Let’s explain that down, shall we?

Well, there are 2 approaches to quote professional cleaning. So, the quote can be offered by the square foot or by the hour.  Thus, let’s find out this “by the hour” concept for authentic cleaning estimating”.

Basically, there are 3 important areas in which you have to focus on while calculating professional cleaning charges by the hour.

HERE’S THE BEST-FITTED PRICING FORMULA… Let’s explore the minimum wage for the service section, calculate your overhead expenses, and decide your preferred profit margin.

Prime thing: Labor costs. No matter where your business janitorial service or the house cleaning maid is located, there is a prevailing salary or wage set for this field. So, try to figure out what it is, for the area in which you do business.  It is actually quite crucial!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur, a wage MUST be paid for all activities performed. And it is not negotiable.

Second thing: Try to calculate your overhead expenses. Mortgage or business rent, insurance costs, taxes, telecommunications, utilities, vendors, and supplies would all suit this category.

So, when you have this entire amount, settle on a percentage per job to allot to this amount. This may be a bit tricky for the very first time, but over time, you will get the concept.  Nowadays, there are multiple bookkeeping programs, accounting software, apps, or companies that can assist you with this.

But:  When you are beginning a janitorial contracting business or a housekeeping business, simple calculations are always preferred.  Try to understand how to compute this FIRST, then go for the digital applications.

Next Thing: Profit margin. What do you need to set as profit? This percentage or amount will be whatever you determine it to be – 5%, 10%, 25%, 42%. The whole amount is part of your pricing strategy.

Well, it should seem like this…

1/3 = labor costs

1/3 = other expenses

1/3 = profit

Plus, consider extra cleaning service costs

Next, house cleaning jobs are quite similar. Neither are janitorial cleaning locations.  Therefore, it might be wise to also factor in extra charges you might incur.

Some of these charges can be on the parking fees for your business vehicle, additional fuel due to ‘out of service area’ cleanings, or additional accessories rental charges and special supplies required to complete a work order. Do not forget to combine these additionals before you give your final price for the task.

Are you still here with us?

We know that it can be really overwhelming when beginning a professional cleaning service, and that’s why this pricing policy is as simple as it can get.

Always keeping it simple will benefit you or your team to execute this process for each and every cleaning bid as it’s a formula.

At times, complicating stuff creates undesirable misunderstandings. Bidding too long is just as bad as bidding too low.


This comes to the end of the pricing formula for house and office cleaning service businesses. Thanks for reading our blog. Hopefully, we have provided a sufficient amount of information so that you will be able to make the best pricing formula for your house and office cleaning service businesses. If you want to know more about anything related to the “Cleaning services”, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below. On the other hand, you can also give us a ring on our customer care helpline number or send us a mail at our official email ID. We will be delighted to help you out!