Microsoft Has Committed Themselves to Make their Devices Easier to Repair

Regardless of the brand, the latest smartphones and laptops have become quite hard to repair. And, the same applies to many other smart devices as well. After all, they’re designed in a way that makes repairing them difficult. Especially so, in case you approach a third-party repair company.

Now, manufacturers give various explanations as to why they design their devices that way. Among other brands, Microsoft has come out with some hard-to-repair devices recently as well. But, they’ve announced that their products will be easier to repair from now on.

However, not much is known about how they’re going to make that happen. Here, you’ll find all the information available right now regarding this matter.

What Was Microsoft’s Earlier Stand on Device Repairability?

All the prominent manufacturers out there might give strong reasons for the way their devices are designed. They would usually tell you that it’s meant to make the products more durable. So, most of the popular brands have been offering low repairability with their devices recently. And, Microsoft is a prominent name among such manufacturers.

Various issues with the latest Surface laptop models are quite difficult to repair. However, they’re not impossible to fix after all. You can get optimal solutions for them by contacting reliable laptop repair services Dubai. Now, many customers have objected to the low repairability that Microsoft devices offered them.

Moreover, there has been Right to Repair legislation regarding the repairability of various devices as well. And, Microsoft was known to be against this. Not only that, but they had also lobbied actively against this legislation in the past. But, they’ve finally decided to consider reviewing the design of their devices.

What made Microsoft take this Decision?

Many people might wonder why Microsoft decided to enhance the repairability of their devices. In that case, the credit for that mainly goes to various shareholders and NGOs working for a green approach. After all, they applied pressure on Microsoft to allow independent repair of their products. Apart from that, there were grievances from customers as well.

Now, the main issue people had was to go to the manufacturer to get a viable repair. Needless to say, these repairs can often cost quite a lot. Moreover, many issues require you to replace the device. But, with this new commitment from Microsoft, that should change.

So, you might be able to repair their upcoming devices all by yourself. If that doesn’t work, you can always hire a competent laptop repair Dubai for the task.

What has Microsoft Promised to Customers?

Not much is known about how Microsoft is going to increase the repairability of its devices. But, they’ve announced that they’re going to make changes to their products’ designs. By doing that, they’ll ensure that users can repair their devices all by themselves. Moreover, they’ll also be able to approach third-party repair companies for that purpose.

Now, the fact is that Microsoft has made such changes in design earlier as well. Especially so in the case of Surface laptops which had become almost unfixable at one point. So, this isn’t the first time that they’ve committed themselves to providing more repairability.

Now, many other brands have also made similar commitments under pressure. But, it seems Microsoft is going to take bigger measures than any other manufacturers.

Which Features Can You Expect to Change in Microsoft Devices?

As you probably remember, earlier devices allowed you to access and repair pretty much all components. But, their design started putting restrictions on that. Also, you can find certain common features in all devices that make them hard to repair.

Here are some of them that Microsoft might remove for good:

  • Glued-On Parts

The latest smartphones and laptops have glued-on components. And, that makes it quite difficult for users to remove them. Not only that, but you can’t fix them back, even if you remove them. Now, you’d probably prefer the older designs that featured screws. After all, they allowed you easier access to various crucial parts of your device.

Many customers have complained about glued-on components. So, Microsoft might make the appropriate changes to this feature in their devices. Meanwhile, you can approach laptop repair services Dubai to fix problems with glued-on components. 

  • Motherboard and Battery Soldered together

This feature is common in many devices across a wide range of brands. And, it makes removing the battery quite difficult. So, you must not try doing that by yourself without technical skills. Instead, you must hire a laptop repair Dubai for that. However, you might often have no other choice than to approach the manufacturer for a solution.

But, with Microsoft’s new announcement, you might not see this feature in their upcoming devices. In that case, you’d be able to remove or replace the battery by yourself. However, we don’t know whether Microsoft will change this feature yet. 

  • Front Assembly Fused with Display Panel

This feature can make the cost of repairs go considerably high. Moreover, needless to say, it also makes it risky for end-users to repair the device by themselves. So, you might expect Microsoft to get rid of this feature from any devices that include it. Many other brands manufacture their devices with this feature as well. Hopefully, the Right to Repair movement will be able to convince them as well. 

  • Flimsy Connectors

The connectors play a crucial role in the functioning of smartphones and laptops. The latest devices from prominent brands come with fragile connectors. And, that makes it unsafe for you to deal with the internal components by yourself. Also, it might compel you to approach the manufacturer to get a reliable but expensive repair. So, you might be hoping Microsoft brings on strong connectors in their upcoming devices.

How Long Would You Have to Wait?

It hasn’t been a long time since Microsoft has made the aforementioned commitment. Moreover, depending on the changes they’re planning to make, it might take some time. According to Microsoft, they’ll enhance the repairability of their devices by the end of 2022. In that case, the wait would hopefully be worthwhile.