How Do You Safely Restore the Windows 10 System on Your PC?

System corruption is quite a common problem in pretty much all devices. You might sometimes have various issues in all commonly used system versions.  In such cases, you might lose access to the data you’ve stored on your device. So, you’d want to resolve this issue within the shortest possible time. Apart from that, you’d also want to prevent any data loss.

Now, there are specific ways that you can implement to repair and restore your Windows 10 system all by yourself. The ones we’ve mentioned below are the most viable ones among them. Thus, you might want to try them out before approaching a professional.

6 Best Ways to Repair a Broken Windows 10 System

Wondering how to fix your corrupt Windows 10 system? Now, that depends on the type of problems you’re facing. If you’re not confident with proceeding with the repair on your own, reach out to an expert. Reach out to a reputable company that provides laptop repair services Dubai for a competent solution. Apart from that, here are the effective methods to fix Windows 10 on your device:

  • Run Startup Repair

System corruption will cause issues for you in accessing your device. In other words, you might fail to boot up your device properly. So, you must switch to the Windows Recovery Mode to fix the issue. And, for that, you must hold the Shift key while restarting the device. Opt for the Troubleshoot option, and then open the Advanced options section given there. You’ll then see various options on the screen.

Click on the Startup Repair option when you see it. This will initiate a scan of your computer and detect any problems with Windows 10. Moreover, this tool can fix pretty much all issues that it finds. If it can’t, you might want to contact a laptop repair Dubai or try other methods.

This process might take a while to complete. But, what if it can’t fix the problem successfully? In case you’re wondering, it’ll notify you in such a situation. And, that’ll prevent any wastage of your precious time. 

  • Use the System File Checker

The Windows 10 corruption on your PC is probably caused due to corrupt system files. In that case, you need to repair those files to make your PC fully functional again. And, for that, you can use various means available to you. But, you must consider using the System File Checker first. Initially, you need to open the Command Prompt for doing that.

So, opt for the Command Prompt in the Advanced startup options. Then, type “sfc/ scannow” in the Prompt and press Enter. You might have to wait for a while as the tool scans for issues with your system files. If it finds any corruption, it will proceed to effectively fix them.

Once it’s done, restart your device and check whether the issue is resolved. This method usually does the trick in case of system file corruption. So, you probably wouldn’t need any other help, if you use the SFC in such situations. 

  • Run the DISM Tool

Did the System File Checker fail to provide a solution? In that case, you must try out the DISM tool as well. And, for that, you need to stay in the Command Prompt. Enter the command “DISM.exe/Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” to start using the tool. This will start the scanning process, which may take a few minutes to complete. At the end of the scan, it’ll show all the problems that it finds. After that, it’ll fix all of them as well.

Make sure to use this tool only after you’ve tried out the System File Checker. It can repair various types of problems with your device’s system. However, DISM might fail to fix certain issues with your Windows 10. In such cases, it’ll surely inform you about the details. Then, you can proceed with any of the other methods we’ve mentioned or seek help from Laptop Repair services Dubai. 

  • Use the BootRec Commands

Facing boot issues with your Windows 10 system? Then, your device will probably go to Recovery mode automatically. There, you need to navigate to the Advanced options as mentioned earlier. Now, using BootRec commands can help you fix the problem with Windows 10 on your device. In case you’re wondering, this is yet another tool available in Windows systems. Also, you must open the Command Prompt to use it.

Once you’ve opened the Prompt, you must enter the command “Bootrec /fixmbr”. This will repair your Master Boot Record, which would help in solving the boot problem. Then, you must also enter “Bootrec /fixboot” and “Bootrec /fixbcd”. Also, don’t forget to click Enter after typing these commands.

BootRec commands can often fix the problem you’re facing with Windows 10. In case it doesn’t do the trick, you still have a few more options left. 

  • Reset Your PC

Did all of the aforementioned tricks fail in your case? Then, you must consider resetting your device now. And, for that, you need to go back from the Advanced options page. Opt for the Troubleshoot option given on the Windows Recovery page. There, you’ll find the option to reset your PC. This might delete all the files and programs you have on your device. But, you can choose to keep certain important files. So, make sure to opt for the right option regarding that and then proceed. This would hopefully repair Windows 10 on your PC. 

  • Restore the System

Had you created a system image on your PC before facing the issue? In that case, now is the time to restore it on your device. And, for that, you must opt for System Restore in the Advanced options page in Recovery mode. Then, select the latest system image that you created and restore it. This step might finally do the trick. Or else, seek help from laptop repair Dubai experts.

What If You Can’t Repair Windows 10?

Can’t fix your issue with your device’s system? Then, simply reinstall it to get a long-term solution. So, you need to download Windows 10 and go through the installation process again. This is a time-consuming yet highly effective solution to the problem you’re facing.