Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku – 7 Basic Comparison to Select Real Entertainment

To enjoy real entertainment, nowadays, several multimedia platforms have emerged. But, you cannot access these platforms without the help of a certain device, you need a streaming device. As there are multiple numbers of devices available for movies, TV shows and documentaries, you might get confused over selecting a single device. 

Amazon Fire TV and Roku are the two best streaming platforms that are ever made. But, which one will you choose? In such cases, you have to get into the comparison of Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku. How can you do it? Let’s find the gateway in detail. 

The Kickstart: Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku

Looking over some of the best segments of these two streaming devices will help you in the comparison. In addition to that, you must also get a brief detail about the expectations of the winner of the battle between these two streaming devices. 

1. The User-Interface

The overall performance in the battle of Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku states that more or less, these two devices are the same. But, if you look closely, then the user-interface (UI) plays a major part. The UI of Roku is simpler than that of Amazon. 

The menu is present on the left-hand side of the UI. The common applications are pre-loaded in Roku. On Amazon Fire TV, you need to download some of them. Of course, if you want to find out something, the searching process is inevitable. 

Roku delivers fantastic searching and sorting functions. But, in Amazon Fire TV, the functionalities are much confusing. You need to access several functions to search for your desired movie or TV show. 

2. The Ease of Use (Flexibility)

Roku’s features and other functions can be understood easily and used by everyone. The application store will be instantly visible after the device boots up. Now, if you compare Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku, the features and functions are not so tough, absolutely not. But, it needs a little bit of prior attention to accomplish the searches.

At a glance, you will get confused. Only after a good observation, you will get a complete idea. Roku is a bit faster than Amazon. Its booting and application time will not take much time, whereas the Amazon Fire TV takes a bit more time to load in your smart TV. 

3. The Remote Control 

As the days of manual tuning are over, these devices come along with remote control. In the battle of Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku, choosing the best device with the remote plays an important role. Fortunately, both the devices have a remote control to make the necessary changes. 

But, the options and facilities in the remote control of Roku are more in the number when compared to Amazon TV. The experts say that the remote of Roku is also a bit more powerful than the Amazon Fire TV. But, on the other hand, access to Alexa AI is available from the remote, but this type of facility is not available in Roku.

4. The Content 

The available contents in all the streaming devices are the backbone. Without it, the devices will be just useless. If you calculate the average estimation, then the contents of both this streaming device are more or less the same. But a close look will definitely tell you that Roku is very much different from the Amazon Fire TV. The official channel of Roku will only be accessible from the Roku device. 

The number of channels in Roku is more than that of Amazon Fire TV. On the other hand, there is an interesting difference that you will witness while comparing Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku. You might be a fan of watching vintage or old classic films and Roku has all of it. But, unfortunately, Amazon Fire TV doesn’t.  

5. Allied Support to the Budget

If you look at the online or offline electronic market, it is clearly seen that Roku is much cheaper than that of Amazon Fire TV. This can be an upper hand to Roku, in terms of Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku battle. 

6. Features and Specifications 

You will get a fantastic picture quality of 4K Ultra-HD in Amazon Fire TV Cube. Along with that, the feature of Dolby Vision is also there adding some extra privileges regarding the visuals. In the battle of Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku, the former clearly wins the battle against Roku. Several tech experts say that the Fire cube is an excellent streamer which can get a slightly more edge than Roku. 

7. Good, Better or Best?

Now, here you need to take a little break. Take some time to ask yourself exactly what purpose you are looking for Roku or Amazon Fire TV. 


The two streaming devices have their own superiority. That is why you must choose one amongst the two depending upon your requirement. Before opting for a streaming device, make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection. The matter of unlimited data packs with a good bandwidth will also be a standpoint. 

Every streaming device stream with the help of the internet connection. After buying the device, never forget to look at the user manual to get a brief idea about the functionalities. The user manual or the user guide book will help you get to the details so that you don’t face any issues while using the streaming device.