6 Best Language Learning Apps for 2021

Learning new things is the source of development for mankind. And, the most exciting thing is learning new languages. Previously, several books were available that made teaching and learning new languages easier. But, now the learning platforms have turned online and easy-to-grab. It means that with the help of your mobile device and some applications, you can access multiple language forms. 

Installing some of the best language apps related to foreign languages will be highly beneficial for you. Choosing one of them is just more than enough. No matter what mobile platform you use, it will not be much of a problem in the learning process. New languages will also help you to learn about a new culture. Read to know more about the applications.

1. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is one of the leading teachers of foreign languages, since the last two decades. Well, you should not be surprised as there is a gateway for mobile platforms, too. With the help of speech-to-talk technology, the application has gained a lot of popularity, in teaching many new languages to a lot of people. Just play the dedicated language audio and listen to it very carefully. 

Follow the words, and then observe the picture that will appear on your mobile screen. In the end, you can check your score. If it is good, then congratulations, you are slowly and steadily learning a new language. If the score is not up to the mark, then you have to try harder from the next attempt. Overall, it is one of the best language apps that is ever built. 

2. Duolingo 

With the bright and user-friendly interface, the Duolingo will help you to keep up the ultimate pace of learning new languages. First, the app will teach you some new and easy phrases. If you pass this stage, then it will keep you moving on to the next step. After that, the final stage will provide you with all types of tough, as well as complex sentences. In every step, the correct answer will provide you with Duolingo points. 

It will appreciate the right answer and also advise you to correct all the mistakes that you have made. The entire learning process is sporty in nature, with many fun-filled activities. If you get success in learning a few foreign languages, then you can call Duolingo, one of the best language apps for learning. 

3. Memrise 

The customized learning experience of this application uses sophisticated algorithms and new teaching processes. After selecting your desired learning language, there are a few video representations regarding the history and the culture associated with that language. If someone is visually challenged, then he/she can hear the instructive videos and learn. 

The positive aspects of the users have boosted the developer’s confidence. They are also trying to improve their Memrise, one of the finest and best language apps that were ever made. Well, the app is not freeware and you have to pay a reasonable price to get the entire version. The payment must be done, at the end of every month, to continue with the premium access. 

4. Pimsleur 

Along with most of the foreign languages, the addition of the native languages has given this application a massive edge to become one of the most popular and best language apps. Your language supremacy can reach to its height, with perfect fluency and well-understanding. You have to set the time and days for learning a particular language. After the time span is over, you will be able to upgrade your level of learning skills. 

There are sections for quizzes to test your outer knowledge, regarding the desired language. If you take the opinion about the users, then the feedback is average. The audio playback speed cannot be diminished and this might create a bit of hectic situation for you. In this type of case, you need to rewind a little bit, and then start playing. Within a week, after using the free test version, you have to get the premium membership at a cheap cost. 

5. Tandem 

Do you have some foreign friends? Well, that’s interesting. So, you can speak in English, but if you want to speak any other language’s mother tongue, then this is a great application, it will be gratitude towards their friendship and the love for your friend’s country. So, Tandem, the best language app is there for you to teach as many foreign languages you want. 

With the help of a speech recognition query, you can speak, and then ask Tandem to rectify it. Moreover, the app also has the facility to translate any languages to your selected language. The face-to-face translation is one of the most attractive features that are present in this software. To get all the attractive features, you need to upgrade the app to its pro version. 

6. LinguaLift 

If you are a serious learner of some foreign languages, then the Lingua Lift can gear you up. The perfect learning package of this best language app has extra guidance over your learning and testing skills. After a lesson, you will get homework, and at the scheduled time you will have to submit it. After the checking procedure is over, you will be able to get the remarks and correct the wrong attempts. If you are really willing to invest in the learning, then this application will be just for you. 

Wrapping Up…

As the development of technology is now contagious, the desire for learning gets higher. Learning new languages can boost your confidence. If you get a chance to visit other countries due to professional purposes, then the learning might come in-handy. That is why the best language apps are here to serve you. Your own determination will help you to read, watch and learn, no matter what obstacles you face.