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Letters from College

How are IMP® graduates doing in college? Here's a snapshot of their postsecondary experiences, based on excerpted interviews as well as letters IMP teachers have received from former students. Because the program originated in California, most comments are from there.

We look forward to hearing from future graduates across the country as they complete the four-year IMP sequence and begin their college careers.

"IMP really prepared me for the math courses. . . . If I hadn't taken all the math classes that I took in high school, I don't think I would be able to be placed into calculus, and I would be very far behind in keeping up with the requirements that I have to take for my major. . . . IMP really helps you as far as calculus is concerned."

University of California student, high school class of 1994

"The most important thing I got out of IMP class was when I apply it to my chemistry or my physics class in college, [working with] velocities and accelerations. . . for chemistry, [IMP] helped a lot in problem solving. Even though the math or the equations are different, I know how to do word problems much better than others can do them."

Private California university student, high school class of 1994

"I always ask questions in math class. The others don't. . . . I thought it was because they knew it already, but then, after class, they would ask me questions. I realized that they are just scared to ask. They don't know what is going on. Oh yes, I got an A."

Texas community college student, class of 1993

"Before high school, I wanted to study art. I realized how much I enjoyed doing math, its multiple applications in daily life. I felt confident in my ability to work with mathematics, explaining it to others and understanding how things work."

California urban community college student who decided to major in engineering, high school class of 1994

"...the math class I'm taking. . . it's exactly like IMP. . . . The problems are all word problems. Many people are having a hard time adjusting to the way of teaching in this course because they're used to the traditional way. Now they're trying to switch to other classes that teach straight from the book. . . . Most people haven't used graphing calculators, but I have another advantage, because I am familiar with it [graphing calculator]."

—University of California student enrolled in Harvard Calculus course, high school class of 1993

"IMP was very helpful in preparing me for a college statistics class. The topics in the textbook were all things I learned in IMP."

—University of California student, high school class of 1993

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