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Introduction and Implementation Strategies for the Interactive Mathematics Program: A Guide for Teacher-Leaders and Administrators

District-Level Responsibilities

Most of the hard work of implementing change will be done by teachers and administrators at individual schools. But district personnel, such as superintendents and curriculum specialists, have an important role to play as well. First and foremost among their responsibilities is to ensure that teachers receive the essential training and support discussed earlier.

Based on comments from schools that have already implemented curricular change, here are some further steps a district should take to support successful implementation:

  • Provide additional professional development opportunities for teachers, such as encouraging and enabling them to participate in local, state, and national mathematics conferences.
  • Collaborate with individual schools to develop a district-wide plan for the growth of IMP.
  • Promote family IMP nights for parents at each school at least once during each school year.
  • Establish regular communication about IMP with feeder-school eighth-grade parents, counselors, and teachers.
  • Build communication between mathematics departments and other departments, especially science.

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