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Introduction and Implementation Strategies for the Interactive Mathematics Program: A Guide for Teacher-Leaders and Administrators

We at Key Curriculum Press have been serving educators since 1971 and we remain steadfast in our commitment to support high-quality mathematics education by providing innovative textbooks, software, supplemental materials, and professional development. Key Curriculum Press is proud to be publishing the critically acclaimed curriculum materials developed by the Interactive Mathematics Program. This curriculum is in keeping with our traditions of innovation and excellence.

The Interactive Mathematics Program developed its high school curriculum to transform into reality the vision of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as embodied in their Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (1989). This four-year core curriculum of problem-based mathematics replaces the traditional Algebra I - Geometry - Algebra II/Trigonometry - Precalculus sequence. It integrates traditional areas of mathematics with new topics such as probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, and matrix algebra in exciting and innovative ways.

It is only natural that questions would arise about a mathematics curriculum that is so different from the one currently being used in most high schools; we address many of these questions in this document.

In creating this document, Key Curriculum Press turned to the Interactive Mathematics Program - a community of teachers, teacher-educators, and mathematicians. This community has learned a great deal about change since beginning in 1989. They not only responded to our initial set of questions but contributed others of their own. As a result, this introduction to the Interactive Mathematics Program is based on the experience of the program's directors and writers as well as that of the hundreds of teachers and many thousands of students who have been implementing the Interactive Mathematics Program daily in their schools.

Steve Rasmussen, President

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