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Download Free Game of Pig Simulation Software!

The Game of Pig is one of the curriculum units in the four-year Interactive Mathematics Program® (IMP®). Probability, expected value, and the use of strategies are three of the important themes in the Year 1 unit.

We are making software available to make it easier for students and teachers to simulate the unit's game called Pig as a probability experiment. The software was developed by DeeAnne Doseman-Flaws of Rosemead High School in Rosemead, California, who created the IBM® compatible version. William Finzer, Educational Technology Director at Key Curriculum Press® created the Macintosh® version. We hope you will enjoy it!

Click a pig or a link below to download the software. (The little piggy on the left is for Macintosh; the other little piggy is for IBM compatibles.) Once the software has been downloaded, you'll find it on your hard disk where your Web browser puts downloaded files.

The Macintosh file is in a stuffed, BinHexed format. To unstuff this file, you will first need an unstuffing program such as Stuffit Expander®. If you don't have a copy of this utility, you can download one from Aladdin Systems.

The Macintosh version also requires HyperCard® player to be used. (You may already have it; it's standard software on some Macintosh systems.) If you do not have HyperCard player, click here to download it (1.5MB).

The Windows version is a compressed Zip file. In order to decompress this file, you will need an unzipping utility, such as WinZip®. If you don't already have a copy of this program, you can download one from the WinZip download page.

[IMP Game of Pig Simulation Software]
[IMP Game of Pig Simulation Software]
Macintosh HyperCard® version
IBM compatible version

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